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Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate
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Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate | Kutai Kartanegara Royal Heritage

Ketopong Sultan Kutai
Ketopong or crown of Sultan Kutai is made of gold with almost 2 kg in weight. Nowadays, Ketopong fo Sultan Kutai is kept in National Museum of Jakarta.

Ciwa Necklace
The necklace made of gold is found by local people around Lipan lake, Muara Kaman Sub District at the time of Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman government (1850-1899). The necklace was then submitted to the Sultan, and then became the kingdom's jewelry and used by Sultan at the Erau custom party celebrating the birthday or Sultan coronation as the Sultan Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura.

Uncal Necklace
Uncal necklace is an attribute of Kutai Martadipura Kingdom (Mulawarman) which was used by Sultan Kutai Kartanegara after Kutai Martadipura Kingdom was conquered and united into Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom. It is made of 18-carat gold with 170 grams in weight. This necklace is decorated with relief of Ramayana.

According to history, Uncal necklace is probably from India. In Indian language this necklace is called Unchele and there are only 2 pieces or 1 pair of this necklace in the world, one for man and one for woman.

Nowadays, there is only one Uncal necklace in India. According to the statement of Indian ambassador who visited Tenggarong in 1954, Uncal necklace in Kutai is exactly the same in shape, color and size with the Unchele necklace in India. Therefore, it is likely that King Mulawarman Nala Dewa is one of the descendants of Kings in India in the past and brought the necklace to Kutai.

Golden Turtle
According to the history, there were some groups of ships from China led by a prince who intended to propose King?s daughter named Aji Bidara Putih. After the proposal was accepted, the prince delivered some goods as the token of his determination to marry the princess in form of golden and diamond jewelry, including the Golden Turtle.

Sultan Kutai Sword
This sword is made of solid gold. In the sword handle, there is a carving of a tiger ready to pounce, while the edge of the sword case is decorated with a carving of crocodile. The sword of Sultan Kutai can be seen in National Museum of Jakarta.

Tali Juwita
Tali Juwita is a symbol of Mahakam River which has 7 downstream and 3 brooks (Kelinjau, Belayan and Kedang Pahu). Tali Juwita is made of threads of 3x7 sheets, then yellow-colored using turmeric to be used in custom ceremony of Bepelas.

Bukit Kang Kris
It is chignon of Aji Putri Karang Melenu, the consort of the first King of Kutai Kartanegara, Aji Batra Agung Dewa Sakti. According to Kutai legend, the female infant who was later named Aji Putri Karang Melenu was found in a gong along with Bukit Kang Kris an an egg. This gong was placed in a bench made of yello bamboo. The bench was placed above the horns of a strange animal named Lembu Swana which emerged at the Kutai Lama water.

Kelambu Kuning
Various stuff which are believed to have magical power was contained in kelambu kuning, which is:
a. Kelengkang Besi
In one rainy day full of sunshine, the official who lived in Bengkalan River (sub district Long Iram) named Sangkareak heard a baby crying. He then found a baby in a container called kelengkang besi.
b. Tajau (Jug/Molo)
This tajau or jug is used to fetch water for bathing Aji Batara Agung Dewa Sakti for the first time.
c. Raden Galuh Gong
It is a gong where Aji Putri Karang Meleni along with Bukit Kang Kris was found. This big gong is also called Gong Maharaja Pati.
d. Bende Gong (Canang Ponograh)
This small gong is stroke when there is an announcement for public.
e. Singa Noleh (Turning Lion) Statue
It was said that Singa Noleh was once a living animal which ate newly beaten rice. This women who beaten the rice was angry and this animal fell, then becoming a stone mixed with porcelain just like its present look.
f. Keliau Aji Siti Berawan
Keliau or shield was always used by Aji Siti Berawan, the ramily of Sultan Kutai Kartanegara. Aji Siti Berawan was considered a woman hero because she always managed to defend the Kingdom from enemy attacks. Her mandau is called Mandau Piatu.
g. Sangkoh Piatu
Sangkoh (spear) is used in Erau and is attached to tali juwita and cinde Cloth.
h. Sangkoh Buntut Yupa
It is a spear which is the manifestation of a snake founded in the edge of Yupa island by a local people around the island.

Sultan's Throne
It is the throne which was used by Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman or Sultan Muhammad Aji Parikesit, equipped with umbrella, flags and geta (royal bed of Kutai Palace)

Sapu Jagat and Gentar Bumi Canon
These both canons which were considered to have magical power were used by Aji Pangeran Sinum Panji Menadpa to conquer Kutai Martadipura Kingdom in Mura Kaman.

Aji Entong Canon
The canon made by VOC was initially placed in Mahakam downstream, precisely in Terantang (Sub District Anggana), to defend territory and fight the enemy which approaches via Malabar strait.

Sri Gunung Canon
Sri Gunung Canon was the one used by Awang Long entitled Pangeran Senopati to shoot the British and Dutch fleet which attacked Tenggarong in 1844.

Majapahit Spear
This ancient spear of Majapahit Kingdom kept in Mulawarman museum has proved the relationship between Kutai Kartanegara Kingdom and Majapahit Kingdom.

Chinese Ancient Ceramic
Hundreds of ancient ceramics from various dynasties in China which are kept in the underground chamber of Mulawarman Museum has proved the trading relationship between Kutai and China in the past.

Gajah Prawoto Gamelan
It is a set of gamelan kept in Mulawarman Museum which was from Java, also the masks, some Kris, pangkon, silver or brass goods, and puppet all of which are the proof of relationship between Kutai Kartanegara and other kingdoms in Java since the glorious era of Majapahit.




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